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About Ellwood Quality Steels

Ellwood Quality Steels, located in New Castle, Pennsylvania, is North America's most reliable producer of high-quality, low-cost carbon and low alloy steel ingots.  Ingots range in size from 2 to 77 tons and are produced from an inventory of more than 40 active mold sizes. As a result, Ellwood Quality Steels can quickly manufacture the starting stock required by leading open die forgers, closed die forgers, extruders, ring rollers, plate mills and bar mills throughout the continent.

Since every phase of the ASEA-SKF split steelmaking system is highly monitored and closely controlled, EQS steels are known for their exceptional cleanliness and tight chemistry ranges.  The repeatability of specific alloy contents for given grades allows customers to achieve consistent heat-treated mechanical property results. 

EQS steels are used in the most demanding applications, from high-performance bearings to nuclear submarines.  Steel cleanliness rivals that achieved only through remelted refining processes. 

The EQS melt shop features a modern 45 ton UHP Electric Arc Furnace with Eccentric Bottom Tapping (EBT) and custom alloy delivery system, split ASEA-SKF secondary steelmaking unit, and bottom pouring capability. EQS can produce high quality steels quickly and efficiently.

Value added services including torch-cutting, sawing and surface-grinding capabilities.

EQS Stripping Ingot

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