EQS Additional Services

EQS produces a wide range of bottom poured ingot sizes for a wide variety of applications. Our customers are open die forge shops, ring rollers, and steel mills that demand the highest quality of material for their products. EQS produces cylindrical as well as big end up ingots to achieve customer yield and cleanliness requirements.

EQS’s cylindrical ingots have little or no taper along their length and provide optimal yield after discard of the hot top. These molds are available from 10” through 50” diameter. Cylindrical ingots are ideal for commercial or bearing quality specifications.

Tapered big end up ingots have an ideal design for optimal solidification which enables steel cleanliness to approach that of re-melted material. The taper and larger hot top volume of these molds ensure ideal solidification that promotes further refinement of inclusions into the hot top and minimizes chemical segregation for an air melt ingot. Tapered ingots are available in round and rectangular cross sections. For the most demanding applications, EQS offers a wide range of VAR and ESR ingots that will meet and exceed all industry requirements for these products.

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